Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What Ever Happened to Play?
Our Imagine Forest Chapter's forest play encounters 

What are your fondest memories of childhood?  We were all once children but somehow we have forgotten the importance of nature connection and non-scheduled, outdoor play in nearby nature.  So, what has happened to play? 

You don't need to tell your boss or book off time.  You don't need to schedule an itinerary and rent equipment or register for a program.  You don't need to tell the school that you won't be there or make sure that you reservation matches your flight or your bus ride or you car pooling arrangements.  You don't need to call and make sure everyone is 'in' or tell the kids to hurry up because we are leaving and we have to get there... NOW!!  You don't need to go to the gas station to fill up your tank in order to drive here.   And, above all, there are no registration forms as we honour the will of the child in that true free play begins with a non-scheduled family environment.  You don't need to do all of those things because nature is right outside your door, just a few steps away.  All you have to do is ask your kids if they want to join in with their neighbourhood friends on a Forest Play Encounter and then open your front door and walk on over for a few hours of Forest Play.  Yes, nature is waiting to welcome you in our stunning community woodland.  Calling all moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunties and uncles, nannies and care givers, neighbourhood friends and educators to come on over to our local forest.  Our Imagine Chapter invites you to join us in our community, nearby-nature, monthly, forest play encounters to experience how play in a nature setting incites wonder, sparks imagination and challenges your mind.  Please stay tuned for our upcoming Season's Tidings...

In the mean time, here is a glimpse into our IMAGINE FOREST CHAPTER's play encounters:

Our body of work since this summer

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